From Jim Ross: Many of my best college friends came through the newspaper


Name: Jim Ross

College Newspaper: The Daily Northwestern

Where I Am Now: Managing editor/columnist Ocala Star Banner

I worked for my college newspaper all four years. That is where I learned how to report and write a news story, how to line edit other writers’ work, how to supervise a staff — how to be a journalist.

The experience was invaluable. It brought to life everything that I learned in the classroom. It helped me get newspaper internships and, eventually, a full-time job. Twenty-nine years later I’m still in the business.
Many of my best college friends came through the newspaper. When you work that closely with people, under that kind of daily pressure, for that long, you become very close.

College newspapers are great training grounds and great places to make lifelong friends. They also serve a valuable purpose on campus. Who else will tell the school community what’s really going on? How would administrations act if they didn’t know they were being watched?

Student newspapers need and deserve our support, and I’m happy to do my part.

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