From Cody Nespor: ‘I am afraid that future students might lose out on that opportunity.’

cody nespor

Name: Cody Nespor

College newspaper: The Rocket (Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania)

When I joined The Rocket’s staff to years ago we printed one 16 page issue every week for the whole academic year. The next year we had to cut down to 10 issues for the whole year because we were losing so much money printing and our Student Government Association was not willing to continue making up the difference between printing costs and what we were making in selling ads. Because we didn’t lose as much money as the previous year, SGA approved the paper a 7% budget increase for this year. We decided to stay at 10 issues for the year just to be safe. However, while we aren’t spending as much as we used to we are also not making as much. In order to maintain independence from the university, we recently decided that our best course of action would be to converge with our on-campus TV station so we can combine our budgets and also share our talent. Being a small school we have a 13 person newspaper staff. All positions are paid, but not a lot, ranging from $100-$500 monthly. Working for the student newspaper allowed me to find my passion and now with a shortage of funds and waning student interest I am afraid that future students might lose out on that opportunity.

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