From Glenn Rohrbacker: ‘I owe my life to my newspaper’

Glenn Rohrbacker

Name: Glenn Rohrbacker

College newspaper: Current editor-in-chief of The Charger Bulletin (West Haven, Connecticut)

When I was in high school, I hated writing. I don’t know if it was because I was writing about books I didn’t read or topic I didn’t care about, but I loathed English class. But in my senior year, my teacher had our class write an album review as an exercise. I picked an album I liked, wrote about it, and then moved on.

Upon reaching the University of New Haven my first year, I decided to go to the club fair, and then I decided to walk up to the newspaper table, and then I decided to ask if I could write about music, and then they decided to let me.

It was this interaction, and the hundreds that came after it, because of it, that changed my life for the better. Walking into my dorm on the first day of classes, I thought I was going to work in the music industry the rest of my life, but through the Charger Bulletin, I found my real passion. I made friends that I’ll never forget. I won awards, broke life-changing stories, had dreams come true, and did it all without ever calling it a “job” even though I was paid.

These opportunities to know what you want in life don’t come often, and mine came when I was 20 years old. I owe my life to my newspaper, and I would bet that I’m not alone.

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