From May Ortega: The Pan American was abolished after 70 years.

may ortega

Name: May Ortega

College newspaper: The Pan American

Where I am now: Public Health Reporter with KUNM News

I worked at my college paper, The Pan American, for three-and-a-half years — my whole college career then. I and the rest of our amazing staff won countless statewide awards along the way. But just after our 70th birthday — when I was EIC — we learned TPA would be abolished. Our paper never had many run-ins with the administration, so we didn’t have any protections in place for this kind of stuff. We tried to push back, but in the end, we had absolutely zero control and that was that. The website is gone, as are the awards our newsroom won over the decades. A new paper has been put in place, totally controlled by the admin, and students working there have said that things have not changed for the better. Every day, I wish we would’ve been better prepared.

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