From Kaitlin Benz: My student newsroom helped me get into grad school


Name: Kaitlin Benz

College publication: MET Media (Denver, Colorado)

Where I am now: Freelance reporter, graduate student at UC Berkeley

When I was an undergrad I studied journalism and my school certainly did not have the most robust journalism program in the nation. I went to a small, commuter school in Denver that is not known for cranking out Pulitzer winners. But MSU Denver did have student media and I was able to get involved my senior year, which is what I directly attribute my acceptance to one of the best J-school grad programs in the country.

In my student newsroom, I was surrounded by dedicated and diverse people who thought outside the box every single day. I didn’t know I needed that at the time, but I sure did. Those people made being an editor a job I loved every day I was doing it and I am thankful for them every day.

Without my student newsroom, I would not be able to pursue my education at a higher level and I would not be getting the freelance opportunities I am not. Plain and simple.

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