2020 Day of Action

In early 2018, the student-run newspaper The Daily Campus, which covers Southern Methodist University, announced it had to re-affiliate with its university. The Daily Campus was merely the most recent student-run newspaper to have to go back to its university due to lack of funding.

In light of this, student-run media organizations across the country banded together on April 25, 2018, calling attention to the challenges we face, including maintaining editorial independence under university administrations in light of changing financial circumstances for newspapers across the world.

That was the first social media campaign to #SaveStudentNewsrooms as part of (the unofficial) Support Student Journalism Day. It drew voices from more than 100 student newsrooms and reached nearly 12 million people on Twitter.

This year, we’re doing it again. Ahead of Saturday, April 25, 2020, we’re asking student-run newsrooms to showcase their best work on social media using the hashtag #SaveStudentNewsrooms. We hope you flood Facebook and Twitter with editorials, threads of your best work of this year, current student and alumni testimonials and links to your donate button.

Here is a list of actions we strongly encourage you to take on April 25:

  • Publish and write an editorial about your COVID-19 coverage, if you haven’t already. Explain to your readers the impact you’ve had and why student journalism is essential. You can check out past editorials here.
  • Share stories on social media that your staff has written on the impacts of COVID-19, your own personal experiences, photos, videos and any other coverage that is telling of this insane chapter in news.
  • Highlight investigative pieces or other projects you’re proud of.
  • At the very least, tweet using #SaveStudentNewsrooms!

If you plan to participate, please fill out this form. It helps us get a headcount, amplify your voices from our own profiles and secure contacts for you all to use going forward.

For alumni of student-run newsrooms, we encourage you to share what being part of student-run journalism meant to you and reach out to your former student newsroom to make sure they’re involved. If able, consider donating to your old newspaper (or get your well-off accounting friends to do so). Encourage others to as well, and share the posts from your former student publication.

This was spearheaded by student editors at The Independent Florida Alligator in 2018. As we grow, we want to hear from you. What else do you want to see/hear on this day? What ideas do you have? Email us as [email protected]. And thanks for the support.