Editorial: BI joins student newspapers across country in #SaveStudentNewsrooms

Freedom of speech on college campuses is a long-lived debate that university newspapers are up against and #SaveStudentNewsrooms draws attention to the problems that students are facing across the nation.

A summary of the BI press release is as follows:

On April 25, student newsrooms across the nation are participating in a Day of Action to #SaveStudentNewsrooms, in which they will share editorials highlighting the importance of editorial control and discuss issues that student newsrooms face on a daily basis through Facebook, Twitter and savestudentnewsrooms.com.

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From Seth Haack: My student newspaper is why I switched from political science to journalism

Name: Seth Haack

College Newspaper: Branding Iron (Laramie, WY)

I have been working at the student newspaper, the Branding Iron, for the past four years, my entire college career, and through my experience, I have gained many traits and skills. I am a journalism major, but the student newspaper is what piqued my interest and made me switch my major from political science. In my time at the Branding Iron, I have become fairly adept at AP Style, learned how to write both news and feature stories, developed as a leader, inspired other aspiring student journalists and hosted an event with more than 200 attendees. My experiences have been invaluable and I wouldn’t want to have that taken away from anyone who is questioning their future, wondering where life will take them or seeking a career in the field of journalism. Student newspapers provide an opportunity to students to develop important skills whether they are aspiring journalists or students pursuing other careers, and these opportunities are important for ALL students to have access to.