Editorial: Student publications vital to campus communities

The U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment lays out the fundamental dedication to the protection of the press. However, America has struggled with preserving that freedom. Between growing attacks from right-wing politicians and supporters, along with the lack of financial support, newsrooms everywhere are in a tight spot.

Similarly, college newsrooms have faced these problems on an acute level. That is why the staff of The Duke is supporting college publications across the country in their #SaveStudentNewsrooms campaign. Student media organizations are incredibly important. They offer an unbiased and comprehensive student-run look at the important topics on any given campus and help inform students, faculty and alumni.

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Editorial: Our Newspaper is Dying

In 2000, UT threatened our journalistic freedom to report stories, prompting us to become independent. Eighteen years later, our presence to remain in print is being threatened. To put it simply, the Independent Collegian is dying.

Despite the tireless efforts of our students and staff, we are not making enough money from ad revenue to survive.

This is the last thing we want to happen, yet it’s the only thing that will happen if we don’t receive any support. We care about our newspaper, but more than that, we care about truth-seeking journalism, a priority in today’s era of fake news.

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