From Logan Jaffe: Freelancing for my college newspaper taught me the art of pitching

Name: Logan Jaffe

College Newspaper: The Independent Florida Alligator (Gainesville, FL)

Where I Am Now: ProPublica Illinois, engagement reporter

I occasionally wrote for The Alligator and contributed feature photos. I was a photojournalism major at UF, graduated in 2011, and the fact that the Alligator even took “freelance” photo submissions motivated me to carry my camera around, always.

Freelancing for the Alligator gave me an excuse to stumble on stories at any given time, because I always knew I could pitch it to the student paper. And it got me comfortable pitching, too, which is such an important skill for a career in journalism that you can only get better at with practice. So, thanks for letting me practice early and often, Alligator.