From Julie Pike: I found a passion in journalism, and I found that by working for the Free Press

Name: Julie Pike

College Newspaper: The Free Press

The past few years that I’ve worked as a student journalist have shown me that I’m truly doing what I love. I found a passion in journalism, and I found that by working for the Free Press. As students we have the ability to come into the journalism scene with a new found energy and excitement. We’re excited to learn more about our field and to get involved.

Unfortunately, the future of the independence of our newspaper is up in the air. It’s because of that independence that we’ve been able to feel like we’re professional journalists, as that is how any other publication has run. It is so important for student voices to be heard because we are the future. I hope that this movement will draw attention to that and show colleges and universities across the country just how important student publications are.

Editorial: The need for a truly free press

After hearing the recent news that a vote within the Student Senate to disband the organization as an independent 501(c)(3) status, I felt compelled to share my opinion, and I figured that there’s no better way to do this than through my letter to our readers.

With this change, the Student Senate, as well as all other Student Government Association (SGA) entities, including the Free Press, would fall under the umbrella of the university. In the past these entities have existed separately. The official proposal, number 46.23, only officially came about a few weeks ago, although the idea had been in discussion for several months.

The Student Senate allocates funding from the Student Activity Fee, which all students pay as part of their tuition. Under this proposal the Senate would still continue to be in control of those funds. However, the question remains what this means for the other entities that are now considered under university control.


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